Welcome to our broad range of indoor and outdoor family whirlpool baths, presented in a well aranged catalog layout, dimensions included. You can find various sizes and shapes here, starting from the most premium business models, up to sports swimming pools and massage-oriented wellness centers. Our products are dedicated to various age groups of users: from small children (from 3 years) up to seniors and the disabled. Our products are as much user-friendly as possible. The manufacturer puts the accent on safety and comfort in the first place, then on reasonable prices, quick availability, professional service, and reliable technological base. We just launched the range of economical models focused on simple shapes equipped with advanced technology. The best quality for reasonable prices.

All models, irrespective of their size or price, is supported by extended, long-term Service Inclusive Ultimate warrant and a broad range of customization options. Visit our website or come to our showroom in Prague and Ostrava to learn more.