We would like to present a king-size range of swimming centers labelled SWIM SPA. This particular option of home swimming centers witha comfortable swimming pool and a backflow becomes more and more popular. We offer a few variations, some of them combined with a whirlpool bath. Our top-quality swimming centers work all-year-round, with minimum operating costs. All combined versions have two independent water heating systems. You can swim in the pool part, for leisure or for training, while the whirlpool part can serve as place to relax and enjoy healing hydro massages. All-year-round operation and a wide range of uses (as a swimming pool, as a wellness center), the list does not stop there. Amongst all the benefits that a swim spa brings to your household, there is an option to use it as place for social activities, parties, or gathering with family and friends. Each model is unique. Some of them are focused on swimming and sport, the others on therapy and rehabilitation procedures. A model with a particular depth and shape can be targeted to families with children, the other one is focused on active professional swimmers. The most popular models are dual swimming pools with a backflow combined with a whirlpool bath with low-cost all-year-round operation.