Attaching importance to the ethical principles in commerce and services, and trying to act in compliance to them as much as possible, we are committed to observe and respect all the standards mentioned below in our business ethical code.

Responsibility for Service and Information

We are liable for all the information and high-quality products delivered to our customers. Our providers and employees are reliable for their products and work to our company. It is our common endeavor to contribute to the good name of SPA Studio s.r.o. We are aware that any actions that are not in compliance with the ethical principles can damage reputation of our company among out clients and providers. Our company and its associates esteem and respect contracted terms of business. All of use are committed to create and support good name of the company.

Dutifulness and Quality

We respect and esteem the needs and choices of our customers who are free to choose a provider or business partner operating on any market. Our goal is to offer the right product with optimal parameters to our customer, according to their individual needs. Regular feedback from our customers and partners means a lot to us. We esteem the rules of commercial ethics and other universally accepted moral and social principles. We decline any offer or request that would contravene our ethical codex as a matter of principle. Reasonable attitude of our company is focused on creating and reaching realistic goals. We always respect confidential business information and we observe trade secret in any respects.


We treat all our co-workers fair and with correctitude, in compliance with good social manners. We actively support good internal relations within our company, as well as human relationships of our coworkers in general. We communicate openly and frankly with our co-workers and we respects their right to freely express their opinions and reactions. We would like to make this frank and personal attitude to our co-workers a good advert for the team and company to our customers and partners.

Exact Price

Our customers have the right to know the exact and final price of our products a services before they place an order. Our happy customer is the best reward for us.

About Our Marketing

We always give actual and unequivocal information, as we do not want to mislead or misinform our customers. We do not compare the prices of our products with the offer of our competition on principle.

Global Brands

SPA Studio s.r.o. is an exclusive retailer specifically specialized in high-end whirlpool baths and SWIM SPA Canadian SPA®, Aquavia Spa®, and POOL SPA® premium products, including luxurious accessories for wellness and private spas. We hold exclusive rights and franchise licenses of the multinational OSIM® Singapore in the area of production of high-end massage accessories. SPA Studio s.r.o. is an authorized partner of BALBOA WATER GROUP® USA, a global producer of control technologies, for Central and Eastern Europe.

Professional Courses

We do our best to perfect the knowledge and experience of our employees and partners, so that they are not only more motivated but also ready to provide high-quality service.

Employee Loyalty

We strive to improve the working conditions of our employees, keeping them in line with the law. Our employees, co-workers and associate observe norms and rules regarding occupational safety, as well as contractual terms agreed between us and other parties.

We look forward to seeing you
Jan Mikisek, Commercial Manager