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from Canadian Spa International®

  • Vision Control Panels

    Vision Control Panels

    Original design by Canadian Spa International®. With new generation of the whirpools CS® we step clearly forward. We are continuously creating new multifunction elements which make spa operation easier and which design can please even the most demanding clients.

  • Synergy Disinfection System

    Synergy Disinfection System

    The latest technologies contain ozone cleaning and UV lamp, possibly automats which measure pH values and level of non-chlorine disinfection in the water.

  • Spa disinfection possibility

    Not recommended! Disinfection In Clear Technologies on brome basis when, if incorrectly applied, the lifetime of spa technologies is eliminated. It is also not recommended chlorine use which effect is eliminated when temperature exceeds 33°C and dosing must be increased many times! High content of chlorine is also a part of technologies using salt on basis of electrolysis when chlorine effect again eliminates lifetime and functionality of single technologies.

  • Thermal insulation of side walls

    Thermal insulation of side walls

    Sufficient insulation of sheating requested for the central European climate is recommended to be 3-4 cm thick and in case of operating during the winter months up to 5-6 cm. Quality insulation also provides good soundproof features. This way of insulation stores accumulated heat in the whirlpool and manages to return it back into the spa. This effect operates on the basis of thermal locker.

  • Thermal insulation of side wallsl

    There is no insulation, possibly reflexive insulation (see picture) which is absolutely insufficient and it is only suitable for the southern countries with climatic conditions of temperature around 20°C. In case of outdoor usage in the central Europe operating expenses, regarding spa heating, might be even 10 times higher.

  • Technical solution

    Technical solution

    Access to technologies from all sides in order to ensure quick service and repair of any problem or damage. All components and all whirpool seams are clearly visible. Easy repair directly in place and in the most situations without water drainage.

  • Technical solution

    Quite often there are 2 or 3 levels of PUR foam and therefore access to technologies is impossible, so whirpool cannot be repaired well directly in place. Possible water leakage can only be solved in a complicated way, whether caused by technology failure or damage caused by a user.

  • Circulation pumps

    Circulation pumps

    Energy-saving single circulation pumps operating around 50 to 150 Watts. 80-90% of residual heat from the engine can be transferred to the water. Quality pumps can eliminate engine damage in case of air intake.

  • Circulation pumps

    Unadvisable Pumps. If there is two-speed massage pump which is multi-functioning and if one speed fails, the entire pump must be replaced. Such pump exchange might be quite pricey, even up to ten thousands crowns. Output of such pump is around 400 watts which results in higher expenses on spa operation.

  • Massage engines

    Massage engines

    All engines shall be positioned on silent blocks which prevent any vibration transfer, also applicable to the highest quality engine of prestigious brands due to: quiet operation, long lifetime.... Quality whirlpools are positioned on stainless steel and galvanized frames. We cannot recommend PVC, or wooden construction frames – we resolutely refuse wooden frame. Reasons are obvious.

  • Massage engines

    Low quality Whirlpool. Engine output doesn’t comply with amount of water flow. Engines are noisy and resonate significantly due to missing silent blocks, furthermore carry vibration.

  • Thermal insulation

    Thermal insulation

    Complete insulation of sheathing including entire bottom of the spa. Sufficient insulation requested for central Europe climate it is recommended to be 3 to 4 cm thick and in case of operation during winter months up to 5 to 6 cm. Quality insulation also provides good soundproof features.

  • Thermal insulation

    Low quality Whirlpool. There is no insulation which results in extremely high expenses on spa operation. The most heating discharge happens in spa corners and around acryl where the area beneath the spa is insufficiently insulated.

  • Outer sheathing

    Outer sheathing

    Width of 22 mm. Sheathing is made from materials which are thermal resistant to deformation and loss of colour shades due to UV radiation. Good thermo-insulation features are matter of course.

  • Outer sheathing

    Low quality Whirlpool. Width starts at 0,8 mm. Tub sheathing contains simple and light plastic material which shouldn’t be revealed to wind and UV radiation for a long time. Or such sheathing is made only from wooden boards which require instant impregnation.

  • Control panels

    Control panels

    Doporučujeme ovládací Touch Panely od renomovaných výrobců Gecko Alliance nebo Balboa Water Group, Inc. Tyto panely mají neporovnatelně delší životnost díky povrchu dotykové technologie, která zásadně eliminuje poškození a promáčknutí povrchu panelu.

  • Common control panels

    We do not recommend! Among the basic properties of commonly used button panels is a short lifespan due to the button surface of the display. Their mechanical cracking or denting occurs here in a very short time. Unfortunately, this is a defect that arises from normal use of the buttons. Other negative features of panels of lower classes include the user complication, when in the event of a power failure, such a panel does not have a stored memory and therefore the whirlpool bath settings must be done all over again, including setting the clock, heating and circulation cycles. After an outage, there is always a risk that the hot tub will start heating the water.

  • Certified nozzles

    Certified nozzles

    Always want to know the origin of the jets that your whirlpool should contain! The seller must be able to prove the manufacturer of these most important elements. Certified and renowned manufacturers include, for example, the American companies CMP-US and Waterway, which test and stress their products under the strictest chemical and thermal conditions. These nozzles 100% guarantee that you are not at risk of any allergic, respiratory or skin reactions during long-term use.

  • Nozzles of uncertain origin

    We do not recommend! The nozzles do not have a clearly demonstrable manufacturer who can deny the use of phthalates in their products, which are prohibited within the European Union. If there is mechanical friction or an increase in the temperature of the water, a larger amount of phthalates can begin to be released from such products directly into the water. This also has an adverse effect, especially in children, on the functioning of the liver, kidneys, lungs or blood clotting. Sellers of such nozzles often conceal the manufacturer's true brand.

Lacan Thermal Technology

All over the world it appears to be the unique thermal isolating system of shells. This unique element is made of a specially hardened open profile which lowers the cost by up to 50-60%. Due to its composite mixture of elements it is completely resistant to UV radiation and temperatures up to 90°Celsia. As the only producer in the world we guarantee warranty 120 months on our products´ shell.

Help your lymphatic system in our spa!

  • Our unique water massage provides natural stimulation of lymphatic sphere.
  • Under the water surface there is offered a unique jet system with alternate and varying pressure.
  • The alternate and proceeding pressure of the jets JUMBO JET enhance circulation of lymphatic vessels.
  • Up to 16 individually selected massage jets for the area of lymphatic ganglion.

VISION Multi Control panel

We would like to introduce the future represented by simplicity linked with elegant luxury.

  • One touch enables a variety of solutions
  • Control massage by one touch
  • Change color by moving
  • Unique regulation of massage

The first 3D water jets in the world!!

  • A unique pressure-vibration jet with deep massage
  • A possibility of active pressure massage with turbine effect
  • Vibrating massage + Pressure massage + Deep massage

Acrylic color

White Pearl
Unique surface design with an effect of natural pearlescence representing purity and luxury

Sheathing color

American Walnut
Mezi nejrozšířenější variace prken patří luxusní povrchová úprava stylu American Walnut

Color and type of jets

  • Dimensions
  • Water Volume
    363 US gallons
  • Weight Excl. Water
    992 lbs
  • Weight Incl. Water
    4023 lbs
  • Total number of jets
    78 pcs Ultra Jets stainless P.H.C.

Technologies and controlling

  • Chromotherapy LED 12 Multi Color P.H.C®
  • WI-FI Available® System (iOS, Symbian, Android)
  • Special Solination Technology®
  • Cutting-edge Non-chlorine Technology®
  • Generic FreshWater® O3 Ozonizer
  • High performance technology of PUMP
  • High perfomance technology of JETS
  • BWG® DeLUXE Main Control Panel
  • BWG® Main Control Unit

Technical components and equipments

  • Total number of jets
    Ultra Jets Stainless P.H.C - 78 pcs
  • Number of water jets
    Stainless P.H.C - 65 pcs
  • Number of air jets
    Stainless P.H.C - 13 pcs
  • Circulating Jets
    PROPELLER Maintenance-free Module
  • Chromotherapy LED 12 Multi Color P.H.C
    Intelligent System
  • Lacan TT Unique Outdoor Insulation
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • THIX-FIX® CS Unique Construction
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • Original Design by
    Canadian SPA®
  • SPAZAZZ® Aromatherapy Made in USA
    Packet Equipment
  • Stainless control and massage features
    Packet Equipment
  • Combo Membranne Cleaning System
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • Access Floor ISO+ Insulated Floor
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • ALU Fixed Ultralight Construction
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • Authentic Microban Surface Finish
    Original by Canadian SPA®

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