Before visiting our showroom and concluding the purchase contract, you have the task of choosing the right place to put your hot tub. And since it may not be that easy for you, we decided to give you some advice on how to do it in this article.

Inside or outside?

The most basic question is: “Should I put my hot tub inside or outside?” Most of our customers have the hot tub installed outside (e.g. on the terrace, in the garden, etc.), but of course it can also be placed inside. Of course, there must be a way to get it inside – so you need to measure all the doors and corridors through which the hot tub will pass and choose a suitably sized model. On the other hand, when it comes to placing the hot tub outdoors, there are almost no limits – we can bring the hot tub to the site by hand, place it by crane, or even deliver it by helicopter to the least accessible of places. Nothing is impossible! Also bear in mind that if you are placing the hot tub indoors, the floor on which it stands must be strong enough. The required floor load-bearing capacity for the floor is individual and depends on the specific model. It is also necessary to take into account that water evaporates from the hot tub and it is therefore necessary to have the room equipped with ventilation or moisture absorption. When located outdoors the hot tub must also have a solid base and cannot be placed, for example, loose on the grass without proper anchoring. It must be placed on a flat and solid surface, whether it be paving stones, patio slabs or another type of concrete surface. At the same time, it is better to place it under an open space due to evaporation of water.

Bear in mind the variability of the weather

Our hot tubs are designed to be operated all year round, regardless of whether you place it inside or outside. But bear in mind that if the hot tub is placed outdoors, it must be protected from the elements, for example with a thermal cover or various types of impregnation, such as water-repellent or protection against the sun. This will extend the life of the entire hot tub.

What are the technical prerequisites for the installation site?

The hot tub must be connected to a power supply, so a three-phase 400 V cable must be available at the installation site. The cable should be at least 250 cm long. Some hot tubs can also be connected to a 230 V cable. In case of a weaker circuit breaker you should inform our experts and they will recommend the right model for you based on this information.

If the hot tub is recessed into the ground or in a location that is something of a hollow and could collect water during prolonged rainfall, the site should be equipped with a drainage channel. At the same time, it is important to bear in mind (e.g. when recessing the hot tub) that our service technicians need to be able to access the hot tub from all sides for servicing. It is therefore necessary to comply with the technical construction requirements we have set out when recessing the hot tub into the ground. Last but not least, think about whether the hot tub will both fill up and drain properly in this location.

Feel comfortable and safe while relaxing in the hot tub

Many clients also pay attention to the appearance of the hot tub’s surroundings as they want to enjoy their relaxation to the maximum, and it is therefore important to them whether the surroundings of the hot tub (at least what is visible to them) are pleasant to look at. You need to think about how and where the hot tub will be positioned so that you have the best possible view from all areas of the hot tub. Think about whether you will have enough privacy in the hot tub. People are taught (and we recommend it for hygiene reasons) to go into the hot tub completely naked and after taking a shower. Therefore, the hot tub should be positioned in such a way that you can bathe in it without a swimsuit, while at the same time avoiding curious glances from the neighbours. You will also probably appreciate having it close to a bathroom (or we recommend getting a solar shower for your convenience).

You can also improve the surroundings of your hot tub and achieve more privacy by planting taller vegetation or buying a screen.


We hope that this article has been of help to you in choosing a place for your new family hot tub, and that these tips will make your investment in it worthwhile and that you will enjoy using it each time more and more.

If you have already chosen the ideal place for your hot tub, then the only thing left to do is to come and see us and choose the best model for you. Our professionally trained sales staff will be happy to help you with this and are waiting for you at every showroom.


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