Have you already decided that you want to get a hot tub, but are not sure how to make the right choice and especially what to look out for when buying? Nowadays, it is quite common that every seller of hot tubs or SWIM SPA products offers literally “the absolute best”, and therefore it is up to you to find out something about the company, its history, its size, background, how the warranty and especially after-warranty service works, etc. All these facts illustrate the real qualities and values of the brand and its products. We guarantee that we will not let you down even after several years of using your hot tub and will always take good care of you.

Where do I place the hot tub?

When choosing a hot tub, it is important to know its intended location. Overall, you should have a suitable location in mind before choosing and buying a hot tub. We advise you how to do it in this article.

For example, a SWIM SPA will definitely not pass through a normal entrance and it would be a big problem to get it through a smaller house or apartment. On the other hand, we think that a large terrace deserves a large family hot tub. If you like defined edges and want the hot tub placed against the wall, we recommend buying a hot tub with the Geometric attribute. If you’re going to place the hot tub more in the middle of the space, then a circular shape could be an interesting design element.

What can I expect from my hot tub?

Our hot tubs are based on performance, power, comfort, convenience, functionality, design and minimal operating costs. You can have the most amazing hot tub, but you won’t be happy with it if you’re paying exorbitant sums every month in running costs.

It is also important to bear in mind what kind of massage you want – whether light, relaxing, medium or maximum quality massage functions. You should also have at least a general idea of how often you will use the hot tub and how many loungers you want to have. But price should definitely not be the number one consideration. It is important to know what you expect from your hot tub in the first place. Whether you want a place to relax, a quality full-body massage, a place to swim or do aquafitness or perhaps a hot tub that turns into the new heart of your garden parties.

If you just want a place for undisturbed relaxation where you can unwind, but don’t want excessive massage functions, you can go for one of our more economical models with fewer jets and less powerful massage pumps. If, on the other hand, you really want to enjoy a proper unadulterated massage, then choose a model with a larger number of jets with more powerful pumps. If you need a model that will entertain not only you, but also your wider circle of friends, we recommend a large spacious hot tub or a square shaped SWIM SPA. And if you want to swim or do aquafitness in your new hot tub, then the large rectangular SWIM SPA will serve you perfectly. What is SWIM SPA? It is a combination of hot tub and swimming pool with a counter-current. We could say that it is a pool with the possibility of year-round use. Other advantages include the separate water temperature between the swimming and jacuzzi areas. In practice, this means that a few degrees lower temperature is sufficient for swimming, while the rest of the family can relax in the warm water of the hot tub.

If you want to spend time in the hot tub mainly with your partner and have regular romantic evenings for two, then choose a model in which the loungers are placed next to each other or opposite each other – to be as close as possible.

How many people will use the hot tub?

The numbers here are simple – are you alone, a couple, have a small or large family or are you hosting a party for X number of people? Hot tubs are sold from 2-person variants to giant pools / SWIM SPA for up to 9 people. On our market you can’t get any bigger.

If you are an older retired couple who plan to use a hot tub primarily for relaxation, massage and health reasons, a smaller type for two, ideally with superior massage functions, will suffice. Conversely, if you are a young, growing family and want a hot tub more for fun, we recommend a large family model with more seats and fewer massage features. If you are a family with older children, you could go for a larger family model with powerful massage pumps. And if you often have visitors to whom you want to show off your new hot tub, you could buy one of the atypical models, with a lot of seats, in a circular design or go for a SWIM SPA.

Hot tub design also plays a role

You can choose from several different frames and cladding colours. Do you prefer a more subtle elegance? In this case you will be captivated by the White Pearl frame and Old Wood cladding. If you want to really light up your garden, then you might like the Pacific Brown cladding with white and gold CMP Gold Jets. If you want a distinctive frame, then you can choose Mediterane or Dark Blue. The popular American Walnut cladding will look amazing with the white façade. There are many options available and it’s up to you which one you choose for your home. We place no limits on creativity!

In addition to different colours, we also have different sizes, shapes and materials too. If you’re a fan of rounded and uniquely shaped models, you’ll find plenty to choose from. However, fans of defined edges and corners will also find something they like, as we also offer geometric models. If you match everything in your home to cooler colours, then perhaps you might be interested in stainless steel bathtubs.

You can also finish the hot tub with a thermal cover in a colour that perfectly matches the cladding, steps in the same design or we can also recommend decking around the hot tub, which plays a very important part in terms of the whole implementation. Think about the fact that all these details around you are important to ensure that your new hot tub fits in beautifully and that you feel comfortable and can enjoy undisturbed and well-deserved relaxation.