Why renovate your hot tub?

Are you tired of your current hot tub or are you renovating your home and now feel like another model would be more suitable? Or is your hot tub simply lifeless and on its way out, and you want to enhance it so that you can enjoy it a little more and make it a beautiful design element in your home once again? Or maybe there is something wrong with the hot tub that prevents you from using it as you did in the past? Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to get a new one! But it is possible to book the services of SPA Studio and let us make your hot tub “almost new”! Did you know that we offer a complete hot tub renovation service?

In addition to servicing any brand of hot tub, we can also undertake repairs. Whether it’s repairing or replacing complete technologies, massage motors, replacing an old control panel with a new one, or anything else, you can always count on us. We have most of the components from all hot tub manufacturers on the market, and what’s more – we have them IN STOCK. And if not, we can order them or suggest a suitable alternative for a particular part.

But IT DOESN’T END THERE! We can make it even grander! Is the lining of your hot tub sun-bleached, scratched or rotten? Never mind, we can help you with it! We have an extensive range of service personnel, covering all of the work involved with hot tub renovation. Whether it’s a question of carpentry, painting or something else, we don’t shy away from anything.


How does the renovation work?

Our professionally trained team will come to you for a pre-arranged inspection of the hot tub. During this inspection, our technicians will evaluate whether the hot tub needs to be transported to our workshop or whether it can be refurbished at your home. We will then carry out comprehensive photo-documentation of the hot tub, based on which we will provide you with a visualization, a proposal for the renovation process and a quotation for the entire service. Following this, you choose the elements that you want to renovate or change in your hot tub.

In the event that your hot tub needs to be refurbished at our workshop, we can assure you that it will undergo several days of thorough technical and pressure tests before it is returned to you.

Of course, all new parts, as well as labour are covered by a two-year warranty because we stand behind the quality of our work 100%.