Vířivka Corall představena jako novinka roku a unikát své kategorie

Meet the Corall,   one of the smallest but full-size whirlpool baths, originated from the Puerla,   the most popular small-sized whirlpool bath ever.

This one represents the range of smaller whirlpool baths. Irrespective of the size though, any whirlpool bath should keep its basic proportions and features, its practical uses and, in general, the general idea of the massage bathtub. Sometimes it is all about details.

Smaller and compact whirlpool baths tend to look good, at least superficially, but they hide many conceptual problems that are not visible with the naked eye. What do we mean by that? Limited comfort, the layout that offers a few kinds of massage but even a middle-height person is not able to lay down on the bed. Massage efficiency of such models is virtually nil. If you are interested in a smaller model, please bear in mind that it should be practical and useful in the first place. Ask as many questions as you want, come and test the bath by your own. Small things are cute but do not think small!

The Corall whirlpool bath meets all the requirements described above. It provides high-quality massages, full comfort and other basic features. If you want to learn more, please come and visit out showroom. We look forward to having you here.