Domácí vířivka může nabídnout také blahodárnou aromaterapaii

Healing Aromatherapy at Home

Aromatherapy is a part of the holistic medicine since time immemorial.   This original bioactive process positively impacts skin and airways.   Essential aromas penetrate deeply to human body by means of several ways of sensual perception.

All high-end whirlpool baths should be equipped in modern aromatherapy systems. We strongly recommend using only natural non-oil, highly bioactive aromatic essences. Crystallline or liquid fragrance substances are quickly soluble in hot water.

It is very important in terms of cleannes that those non-oil based substances should quickly disperse from the water after a bath, so that they leave only residual organic leftovers. It allows the whirlpool bath to easily clean itself by means of ozone and filter technologies, making the water perpared to the next bath.