Are Canadian Spa International® hot tubs suitable for year-round use?

Yes, all Canadian Spa International® hot tubs are suitable for year-round use in any design. They are designed for use in even the most demanding environments. Thanks to low-energy technologies, the possibility of connecting to a heat pump and a special four-chamber thermal insulation system, the cost of heating water throughout the year is minimal. We are also able to supply a fifth insulation layer, which is handmade and subject to the stringent German TÜV certification.


Can I have a hot tub built to my own requirements?

Yes. All hot tubs can be kitted out according to your own ideas and wishes, including joinery modifications that give you features such as steps or a terrace in the same decor as that of the hot tub itself. In addition to the colour of the inner frame, the type of jets and the colour of the lining, you can also buy a thermal cover including a holder, automatic chemical dispensers and many other technologies that will make your daily use easier. An integral part of this is the growing interest in heat pumps designed specifically for hot tubs.


Where can I place the hot tub?

The hot tub can be placed wherever there is a flat and solid surface, which can be a concrete base, interlocking tiles, quality patio decking, etc. The hot tub cannot be placed on an uneven or sloping surface, such as an unpaved grassed area.

It is worth mentioning that we also offer hot tubs that meet loads of up to 450 kg/m2, which are suitable, for example, for a balcony or a suspended terrace.


Can I recess the hot tub partially or completely into the ground?

You can also have the hot tub recessed into the ground, partially or completely, but you must also follow our instructions so that the hot tub is accessible and can therefore be serviced despite its recessed position. The recessing must be approved by our technical department.


Do I have to have a hot tub connected to the water supply?

No. The water is pumped into the hot tub from the top via a skimmer. It does not need to be connected to the water supply or waste pipe.


What electrical connection is required to operate the hot tub?

In order to use the maximum power of the hot tub it is ideal to have a 400 V power supply. Hot tubs with lower pump power can also be connected to 230 V with the proviso that the water in the hot tub will not heat up when the massage function is turned on. If you only have the option of a 230 V connection, you must inform the dealer before he/she selects a suitable model of hot tub for you.


Is it possible to try the hot tub before buying?

Yes, many models can be tried out immediately at our showrooms. And by prior arrangement all of our models can be tried in full working mode.


From what age can children use the hot tub?

We are happy to leave this to each parent’s judgement. However, for young children, we recommend that the water temperature is lowered and only the bubble massage, fountain, waterfall and other attractions are turned on, with the hydromassage function definitely turned off.


Can pregnant women use the hot tub?

Yes they can, but…
For pregnant women it is not recommended to switch on the hot tub’s massage function. Pregnant women will definitely appreciate the opportunity to get into the pleasantly warm water. What’s more, they will literally float in our ergonomically shaped loungers and relieve the pressure on all their muscles and joints in this position. We do not recommend water temperatures above 36 °C during pregnancy. That is why one of the main advantages of a hot tub is the ability to adjust the exact temperature according to your needs. Of course, the water is also kept as clean as possible without the use of chlorine. We recommend bathing only in your own hot tub, not in wellness centres etc., because of the risk of infection. We have written an article on this topic on our blog, which you can read in full HERE.

What is the maximum and minimum adjustable water temperature in the hot tub?

The maximum water temperature is 40 ⁰C for safety and health reasons. The minimum water temperature is 10 ⁰C.

We recommend always having the water temperature set slightly above the average human body temperature. Every Canadian Spa International® hot tub has protection against overheating, in which case the hot tub will shut itself off and the water will cool down.


What is the average monthly cost of operating a hot tub?

There is no clear answer to this question and in each case the price is strictly individual. It depends on the size of the hot tub, where it will be placed, whether it will be freestanding or recessed, etc. Smaller hot tubs will have lower costs if they are placed either indoors or outdoors in a position where the sun shines on them all day. Conversely, higher costs can be expected for larger hot tubs that are placed outdoors, out of sunlight and cooled by cold winds.

However, all of our hot tubs are low energy and we use a superior lining system that is the only one of its kind in the world. This system protects the hot tub from rapid cooling even in adverse conditions.


Does the hot tub have to be drained for the winter?

It is possible to do that but we don’t recommend it. The hot tub has a special winter mode, a kind of “hibernation” where its temperature is reduced to 10 ⁰C. In case you do not want to use the hot tub over the winter, this hibernation mode is definitely a better choice, as there is no risk of frost damaging the inside of the hot tub. That could happen during draining. In addition, for draining the hot tub before winter, a technician must come and completely remove all residues of water, which the customer would never be able to do by him/herself. If you drain the hot tub before winter and water is left inside and subsequently freezes, this can cause significant damage which is not covered by the warranty.


What are the operating costs of hot tubs when in winter mode?

It is about CZK 150–200 per month. It works out cheaper than calling a technician to drain the water professionally and then filling with fresh water afterwards.


What are the main advantages of a hot tub?

Permanently warm chlorine-free water. It offers its owner immediate use. The beneficial effects of hydrotherapy have been known since time immemorial. When immersed in hot water, our heart rate immediately increases, our blood pressure rises slightly (in a healthy way), and there is better circulation of blood to the extremities.

In the case of high-quality massage jets, we can also talk about a form of massage that relieves pain, but is also suitable for healing wounds or relaxing after a hard workout.

In addition, if the water temperature is set correctly with the massage on, it can relieve spinal pain, soothe tired muscles and has a beneficial effect on people with psoriasis or other skin diseases.

In addition, you can hydrate and nourish your skin in the hot tub and add bath salts that have a beneficial effect on both mind and body.

It is also a form of self-care that has positive effects on the human psyche.