At Spa Studio we try to do things differently than most manufacturers in the industry, so therefore we use disinfectant products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also kind to human skin. That’s why we have eliminated all chlorine, bromine and other aggressive substance from our disinfectant formulas.

We can offer you the following products:

One of the most important products we have is pH mínus which helps to maintain the correct pH level in the hot tub. pH determines the acidity or alkalinity of the water and its ideal value for human skin and also for the proper functioning of chlorine-free disinfection is in the range of 6.8 to 7.1 pH. The pH value increases automatically when you visit the pool or hot tub, so the pH value must be measured regularly and kept within the aforementioned values by using the pH minus product. In our country the water tends to be harder, which automatically brings with it a higher pH. This is no problem if you learn how to work with such water and always treat it properly from the outset. When you purchase a hot tub or swim spa from us, you receive a starter pack with chemicals, a pH tester and a coloured pH scale. If, when using the tester, you find that the water has a pH of 6.8 to 7.1, then everything is fine and you do not need to add pH minus to the water If the pH is higher, add only a small amount of pH minus per 1 m3 of water and repeat the test. Over time, you will learn to look after the water without testers and the maintenance of the water in your pool or hot tub will be easier. On the other hand, when the pH is significantly lower than 6.8, it is recommended to add pH plus to the water. However, these acidic values occur only rarely.

Chlorine-free pool and hot tub disinfectant is one of the most important sanitizing products you need when taking care of the water in your hot tub. It is the gentlest chlorine-free disinfectant in the world, which is environmentally friendly and especially easy on human skin. As far as the dosage is concerned, it is very easy to remember – for 1 m3 of water, the initial dose is 50-60 ml (which can be easily converted into 6 full caps of the product) and then the subsequent maintenance doses are only 30 ml (which corresponds to 3 caps). The maintenance dose should be applied once a week, depending on the frequency and duration of use. If you don’t use your hot tub or SWIM SPA, there is no need to keep applying the maintenance dose. Since it is an algicidal active substance, it is still active in the water until it is hygienically discharged.

If you want to quickly purify the water so that it is crystal clear and transparent, or if the hot water is under a large hygienic load, then we have a very handy helper for you, namely OXI Active. This product increases the amount of active oxygen in the water and thus can not only purify the water, but also help to lower the pH a little. Within a short period of time, the water will be crystal clear. The correct dosage is usually 20-25 g of powder per 1 m3 of water about once every 14 days. If the hot tub is heavier or if the water is cloudy, apply the dose as required.

When applying all the above mentioned products in succession, it is a good idea to switch on all the massage circuits one by one to activate the water treatment faster.

For those of you who have a cartridge filter in your whirlpool or swim spa, we have a unique add-on Regenerator or cartridge filter cleaner with an antibacterial effect that dissolves organic impurities while regenerating the filter fabric + providing antibacterial protection. Logically this prolongs the life of the filter.

The cleaning of the cartridge filter itself is carried out as follows: Remove the cartridge filter from the skimmer and place it in a container, e.g. a container with approximately 10 litres of warm water in which 2 scoops of the recommended Regenerator have been dissolved. Leave the cartridge filter completely immersed in the solution for about 20-30 minutes and then rinse it with a steady stream of water before putting it back into the skimmer. Cleaning with the regenerator should be done once a week or according to the usage of the hot tub or swim spa. The necessity for cleaning the filters always depends on the intensity of operation.

Ideally, you should have two or more cartridge filters, and when one goes through a cleaning cycle, it can be effectively replaced with another.

If the water becomes contaminated with fermented beverages (e.g. champagne, wine, beer) or food, the hot tub or swim spa must be drained and thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible. As part of a large general cleaning of the entire facility, we recommend Hydro Star Cleaner, a very powerful, non-foaming cleaner that effectively cleans and disinfects the hydro-distribution system of the entire facility prior to draining. We recommend putting this product into the water 2-3 days before draining. Dosing is very simple and is calculated at approximately 0.5 litres of Hydro Star Cleaner per 1 m3 of water.

WARNING! Before applying Hydro Star Cleaner, it is necessary to remove the cartridge filter and, if you have an automatic pH doser, to close the pH probe circuit (two blue ball valves). DO NOT use the hot tub during the application of Hydro Star Cleaner.

Remember that you shouldn’t clean the hot tub with abrasive kitchen cleaning products such as scouring pads or hard sponges. This could result in scratches to the surface of the hot tub. We recommend using soft wipes made from nanofibers, cotton or other gentle fabrics.

Taking care of the water may seem like a challenging task at first, but after a while it becomes simple. You should also pay some attention to the thermal cover. For a longer service life, we recommend cleaning and impregnating it regularly, for example with 303 Protector. This product protects your thermal cover from sunlight and UV radiation. Thanks to impregnation, the shape, strength and colour of the cover can be better maintained. Just apply evenly approximately once every 3 months after cleaning by spreading over the entire area with a soft cloth. A thermal cover cared for in this way will serve for many years with both good insulation while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

If the hot tub is well-used, we recommend that you add OXI Active and half a dose of disinfectant immediately after getting out of the hot tub. We also recommend that you consult your technician for the correct filtration circulation times.


Notes: If there the water appears cloudy despite longer filtration cycles, it may be due to reduced function or malfunction of the ozone generator, in which case we recommend contacting the service department.