Máte sedavé zaměstnání? Vyhněte se zdravotním problémům pravidelným pobytem ve vířivce

If you work in an office or you sit the whole day at the check-out counter, you are most likely familiar with the following symptoms: backache, stiffed neck muscles, etc. If your work includes mainly sitting, you should pay special attention and care about your body in your free time. You shouldn’t forget about natural walk (the best several km a day) and your muscles relief.

For a human body it isn’t comfortable and healthy to remain in the same position the whole day. Therefore, people working in the office should have an opportunity to walk a few times a day. However, such opportunity is very rare and most employees are so busy that they cannot dedicate enough time to physical activities. Avoiding healthy problems caused by sitting type of a job is however possible. Your own spa can easily help.

Nowadays, the spas can offer perfect opportunity for hydro massage which can help to relieve stiffed muscles whether you are seated at the computer or at the check-out counter for the whole day. Due to jets setting and hot water flow the most effective massage can help to relieve the most stressed muscle parts and furthermore warm up deeply these body parts. After the bath your muscles will be perfectly relieved and any discomfort of your back will vanish soon.

The spa also supports endorphin (the hormone of happiness) production. When using the spa regularly you might feel happier and overall more satisfied. If you deal with any worries on daily basis or you happen to work in stressful environment and you suffer from insomnia, using the spa might help to eliminate, to certain extent, such negative emotions and feelings. Hydro massage and relaxation can be additionally enhanced with the mood lightning. What else can you expect from the spa Canadian Spa International®? Above all, you will appreciate simple and intuitive control, quite operation, easy maintenance and low operation expenses.