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We are not just a regular point of sale

If you look for something nonstandard, we can tailor our wellness spa products according to your individual needs. We will create individual visualization to the selected model and adjust architectural plans of the whole area. You can make your visions a reality.

Emotions Made of Mosaic

Our mental health strongly impacts our well-being. From the point of view of holistic medicine, well-being is more crucial than our physical health. It enables us to fell the balance of all life activities and to improve our mental toughness. Recharge your batteries, get rid of the stress and fatigue in Oslo premium wellness center.

  • Dimensions
    Ø 117" 
  • Water Volume
    605 US gallons
  • Weight Excl. Water
    661 lbs
  • Weight Incl. Water
    5952 lbs
  • Total number of jets
    36 pcs Ultra Jets stainless P.H.C.

Technical components and equipments

  • Total number of jets
    Stainless P.H.C. - 36 pcs
  • Number of jets
    Stainless P.H.C. - 18 pcs
  • Number of air jets
    Stainless P.H.C. - 18 pcs
  • Power supply requirements
    11.802 W / 19,8 A
  • Voltage
    400 V III
  • Water overflow
  • Filtration pump
    0,82 kW
  • Bathtub material
    Stained-Glass Mosaic
  • Massage pump
    2 x 1,81 kW
  • Piezoelectric buttons
  • Blower
    1,3 kW
  • Metal reinforcement
  • Heating unit
    6 kW
  • Lighting
  • Electronic control of heating unit