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Design towards classic

A round shape in a simple and highly universal design offers a wide range of usage in the most commercial facilities. Thanks to its compact size and undiscerning operation with a unique possibility of setting either above or under the ground surface this model is highly recommended for every single place suitable for relaxation. The equipment meets strict criteria and requirements for commercial usage and facilities in EU.

Spectral Massage System

Dimensions and specific position of massage jets for each massage option are assessed very carefully and individually chosen, according to the philosophy of a specific whirlpool bathtub. There is a big difference between sports, relaxing, or deep massage. A number of massage jets is not that important as their function, adjustability and lifespan.

Wireless Setup and Control

Advanced control systems, available in all high-end swim spa models, can be controlled literally from anywhere via Wi-Fi module. System sharing is practicable from any smart phone or tablet. Supports iOS iPhone® or iPad® systems with possible support for Symbian® and Android® operating systems. Upgrade possible upon request.

The Most Advanced BP® and Colossus® Systems

Utterly reliable hi-tech main system units. All components are made of high-tech materials in accordance with the philosophy of easy controllability and long-term reliability with the possibility of Multi Country Support modular extensive use of any other auxiliary module.

M7® Patented Design of Heating Elements

Unique reliability of the heating elements in a densely coiled spiral element ensures long-term reliability and highly effective method of low-energy water heating. Patented technology Low-W with reduced flow resistance is highly resistant even to chemically aggressive water.

Titanic Heating Technologies

In case of the utmost demands on chemical water treatment, e.g. by means of salt water sanitizing technologies and salt water systems it is possible to interchange any heating component for titanic element. This element is chemically completely resistant to any method of chemical water treatment. Upgrade possible upon request.

Energy Efficient and Silent Operation

Massage and circulation technologies are tested for low working noisiness and certificated in the highest quality. Circulating pumps are controlled by self-cleaning control system with a possibility of its own timing for multiple reduction of operation costs.

CG Air Systemes Inc® Air-Conditioning

Systems fitted with top level air-conditioning of the world-class producer CG Air Systèmes Inc® guarantee the highest possible quality of the used components. On a request it is feasible to extend CG AIR Blower with hot-air heating system or independent pneumatic switch.

Service Inclusive Ultimate CS®

Canadian Spa Service Inclusive Ultimate provides the longest warranties for its technologies, engines, pumps, monolithic self-supporting frame inclusive of construction. Every owner of Canadian Spa product packet automatically acquires Extended Warranty. Extended Warranty applies to all new and clearance models, including models sold as a part of a promotional packet.

  • Dimensions
  • Water Volume
    317 US gallons
  • Weight Excl. Water
    551 lbs
  • Weight Incl. Water
    3197 lbs
  • Total number of jets
    39 pcs Ultra Jets stainless P.H.C.

Technologies and controlling

  • Chromotherapy LED 12 Multi Color P.H.C®
  • WI-FI Available® System (iOS, Symbian, Android)
  • Special Solination Technology®
  • Cutting-edge Non-chlorine Technology®
  • Generic FreshWater® O3 Ozonizer
  • High performance technology of PUMP
  • High perfomance technology of JETS
  • BWG® DeLUXE Main Control Panel
  • BWG® Main Control Unit

Technical components and equipments

  • Total number of jets
    Stainless P.H.C. - 39 pcs
  • Number of jets
    Stainless P.H.C. - 29 pcs
  • Number of air jets
    Stainless P.H.C. - 19 pcs
  • Circulating Jets
    PROPELLER Maintenance-Free Module
  • LED Chromotherapy
    Intelligent System
  • Lacan TT Unique Outdoor Insulation
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • THIX-FIX® CS Unique Construction
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • Original Design by
    Canadian SPA®
  • SPAZAZZ® Aromatherapy Made in USA
    Packet Equipment
  • Stainless control and massage features
    Packet Equipment
  • Combo Membranne Cleaning System
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • Access Floor ISO+ Insulated Floor
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • ALU Fixed Ultralight Construction
    Original by Canadian SPA®
  • Authentic Microban Surface Finish
    Original by Canadian SPA®