Dear customers, all our stores are still open. We deliver goods ordered in the e-shop throughout the Czech Republic. Spa-Studio services operate without restrictions. As part of individual services, do not hesitate to contact us at +420 235 314 024. We are still here with you…
Balboa čerpadlo - vířivky Spa-Studio

15% Pump Capacity Reserve

The water pumps performance directly influences your massage experience. Low water pressure in the jet systems causes insufficient vigor of the jet output and oftentimes prevents from full utilization of several massage positions. That is why the models we provide work with such an amount of pumps to achieve not only 100% coverage of the bathtub´s requirements, but also to assure 15% performance reserve.

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Spa Studio - venkovní vířivé vany a swim spa Canadian Spa International®

Tumbler Systems

Water pumps are provided with slide-valve system for immediate possibility of reparation!

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Spa-Studio - kvalitní vířivky a swim spa

Fully Accessible Technology

To be able to quickly react in case of a necessity of service intervention, technologies are freely available. The entire jet system can be reached right away after opening the service panel on the side of a bathtub.

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