First-class thermo cover prevents the heat from escape from a filled whirlpool bath and considerably lowers operation costs. Insulation capabilities of the specially extruded materials, which the thermo cover is made of, do not decrease even by regular straining. Sufficiently thick layer of the materials prevents the heat from escape from the whirlpool bath area.

The edging of the thermo cover is attached to the edging of a bathtub with the assistance of the ALU Fixed construction and closely surrounds the entire edge of the whirlpool bath and prevents heat escapes through the gap between the bathtub and the thermo cover. Places, where the thermo cover is folded, are provided with a foam caulking and in the fracture of the thermo cover itself form an insulation edge, which forestalls another heat escapes between individual segments of the thermo cover and at the same time reduces the wear and tear of the edges of the parts by the thermo cover folding.