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Access Floor ISO+ Whirlpool Bath Bottom

Lower part of the whirlpool bath consists of a greatly resistant monolithic bottom made of a toughened ABS plastic. In combination with a thermally isolating filling of the whole bottom of every whirlpool bath it works primarily as a transport case, prevents insect and rodents from entry and is superbly resistant to lower dampness and climatic changes.

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Konstrukce vířivé vany Spa-Studio

Thix Fix™ - Self-Supporting Construction

The main frame, or more precisely the chassis of the whirlpool bath is an absolute basic element - it is the construction, which holds the weight of the frame containing water and effectively distributes it to the corners and the bottom. Canadian SPA whirlpool baths consist of AV type self-supporting construction which is commercially reffered to as the ThixFix ™ system.

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