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Whirlpool bath service and cleaning

To keep the water clean and harmless, a few requirements must be met.   In general, the warmer the water is, the higher is the risk of its harmfulness, which requires disinfection and proper pH maintaing.

What is importat when it comes to whirlpool bath cleaning? One of the most common issues is the pH of the water and its disinfection but we often forget about the most important values, which is water alkalinity. In lay terms, the alkalinity indicates whether the water is hard or soft. Our customers are encouraged to measure and fix water alkalinity in the first place, then focus on the pH and finally pay attention to its broad cleaning and disinfection based on non-chloride detergents.

All disinfection and aromatic formulas recommended for our devices can be apllied directly to the water. They can be even used when a whirlpool is used by persons with skin problems, such as eczema or psoriasis. Any recommended algicide or non-chloride detergents do not dry up nor irritate the skin. All whirlpool baths we sell are equipped with self-cleaning systems that work up to a particular level or sanitary burden. In case of demanding sanitary conditions, we strongly recommend preventive maintenance on a regular basis.