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Spa for two or model for the whole family?

Our main ethic idea is to always prioritize and please our clients. That is the main goal of our business. As a part of our services, we are able to offer maximum and always deliver our products in the highest quality. We represent manufacturers who are known to be the true specialists in their area and who support their own product development.

In private or commercial area we introduce products and equipment which are exclusively presented in a local market only by our company. The main area of our sale: home and commercial spa, family and outdoor whirpools, SWIM SPA and Finnish saunas. Our SWIM SPAs are offered also as combined swimming pools with a separated whirpool. Combination of whirpool and SWIM SPA is no longer a compromise.

We look forward to seeing you as well as we would like to thank you for your favour.

Jan Mikisek, Sales Manager
Vířivka pro dva nebo model pro celou rodinu?
Whirpool Canadian Spa International ® in unique combination of sheathing and floor OLD WOOD with technology LACAN.
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Have you ever tried to find out why the whirpools Canadian Spa Internationals® are so inspiring for the others?

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