Whirlpool bath’s technological space is equipped with an effective smart foam insulation containing ALU reflexive CA G2004 or G2010 layers. Thanks to a perfectly insulated lower bottom and fitted insulation of the lower area of the shell a contact temperature is maintained inside the technological space and there is no need to fill it up with an assembly foam.

A special smart CA foam covered with a double reflexive insulation ALU layer is the essential of the thermal effectiveness of the device and is the prerequisite for the maintenance of low operational costs. It is used as a main whirlpool barth insulation material thanks to its thickness, density and formability. It breaks thermal bridges even on surface ABS bottom, up to -50°C.

Insulation capacities of this foam, combined with special bubble foil layer, bifacially enclosed with reflexive ALU layer, guarantee perfect insulation up to -50°C. Reflexive foil layered on the surface of the insulator is able to reflect the heat back to internal surfaces of the shell. Every facet and technological part of the whirlpool bath are perfectly accessible and with respect to service/reparation promptly solvable.