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Access Floor ISO+ Insulation Bottom

Lower part of the whirlpool bath consists of a greatly resistant monolithic bottom made of a toughened ABS plastic. In combination with a thermally isolating filling of the whole bottom of every whirlpool bath it works primarily as a transport case, prevents insect and rodents from entry and is superbly resistant to lower dampness and climatic changes.

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Termokryt pro vířivky Spa studio

Insulation Thermo-Cover with ALU Fixed Construction

First-class thermo cover prevents the heat from escape from a filled whirlpool bath and considerably lowers operation costs. Insulation capabilities of the specially extruded materials, which the thermo cover is made of, do not decrease even by regular straining. Sufficiently thick layer of the materials prevents the heat from escape from the whirlpool bath area.

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Spa Studio – opláštění vířivek Iso Plank

ISOPLANK® Synthetic Encasement

The whirlpool bath´s facing is made of high-quality synthetic Isoplank material, which is composed of a heavy-duty plastic core with an admixture of inert silicone distinguished by a great weather resistance.

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CA® Smart Insulation

Whirlpool bath's technological space is equipped with an effective smart foam insulation containing ALU reflexive CA G2004 or G2010 layers. Thanks to a perfectly insulated lower bottom and fitted insulation of the lower area of the shell a contact temperature is maintained inside the technological space and there is no need to fill it up with an assembly foam.

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