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Gecko - kvalitní cirkulační čerpadla pro vířivky Spa-Studio

Circ-Master HP & CP – Gecko

Aqua-Flo by Gecko's Circ-Master pump takes 24-hour filtration to a new level, delivering the highest GPM of any recirculation pump on the spa industry. Higher GPM allows the Circ-Master to operate a high-flow heating system resulting in increased heating efficiency and up to four times the filtration.

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Gecko - kvalitní čerpadla pro vířivky Spa-Studio

Flo-Master XP3 – Gecko

Flo-Master XP3, The power behind your spa's performance. The Flo-Master® XP3 pump, Aqua-Flo by Gecko's latest offering in its high performance spa pump line, is designed for today's large many jetted spas requiring increased flow. Our XP3 pump is designed for those discriminating manufacturers who want to provide their customers with increased performance achieved through efficiency rather than brute force.

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Chytré venkovní vířivky Canadian Spa International® – prodejna Spa Studio

Flo-Master XP2e — Gecko

Flo-Master XP2e, Greater flow rates with overall energy efficiency. The Flo-Master XP2e pump, Aqua-Flo by Gecko's energy conscious offering within its high performance spa pump line, is designed for today's large heavily jetted spas requiring increased flow. With the availability of the new XP2e pump, spa manufacturers can now offer improved overall performance and enhanced energy efficiency to their customers.

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