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Chytré vířivky a swim spa Canadian Spa International® – prodejna Spa Studio Praha, Mladá Boleslav, Ostrava, Bratislava

TP900 - Briliant

Brilliant combination of functionality and simplicity of the control. Color display with high resolution. Access to maximal amount of information by means of graphic menu. Simple and ergonomic control using positional arrows and enter button.

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Ovládací panely pro chytré vířivky Spa Studio

TP800 - Optimal

Simple control by navigation cross and enter button with quick access buttons to the jets. Control via color display with graphic menu.

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TP600 - Simple

Controlled by function buttons. Feedback of individual functions is provided by means of LED pilot light. A seven-segment display with additional information. Great combination of price and performance.

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TP400 - Minimalist

Very simple control for quick access of all bathtub functions. Control buttons complemented with control diodes. A resistant seven-segment display with additional information and good contrast. Economical version without compromising on quality.

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