Fully compatible system with 50 Hz and 60 Hz support and easy Wi-Fi connectivity

Revolution Supports Both 50 an 60 Hz Systems

Due to its technological compatibility, revolution system can by operated both at 50 and 60 Hz voltage. Revolution offers one-of-a-kind flexibility during its utilization in any whirlpool bath. UL and CE certificates guaranteed.

Unrivalled Reliability of the System

Revolution uses advanced protection agains corrosion, supported by high temperatures of the environment, developed and tested in automotive industry. Owing to this it is absolutely resistant against water penetration and subsequent corrosion. Micro-shakes produced during the of heating are lowered to minimum thanks to the entirely revised calorific coil with high density of spiral winding. Enjoy your bath without any worries about errors and damages.

System Weaknesses Belong to the Past

System Revolution solves a many weaknesses of standard whirlpool bath control systems. It can be installed on each and every bathtub model running on various systems, without the necessity for changing their components. System Revolution is the revolution indeed!

Wi-Fi Module – Unit Wireless Conectivity


Various color options


Compatible panels

TP600 Panel

50056-01 (TP600 2 Jets with overlay 12198)
55673-05 (TP600 with overlay 12101)
55676-05 (TP600 no overlay)
56046-01 (TP600 15 ft cable no overlay)
56047-01 (TP600 15 ft)
50014-01 (TP600CE International)
50015-01 (TP600CE no overlay International)

Panel TP400

55701 (TP400T no overlay)
50260 (TP400T with overlay 12511)
55702 (TP400W no overlay)
50260 (TP400W with overlay 12511)