The most advanced control system of the new generation whirlpool bath.


  • Unparalleled system reliability
  • Manufacturing flexibility
  • Control panel has a user friendly interface
  • Hi-tech material prevents corrosion; corrosion resistant, chemical resistant heater

User Interface

  • Intuitive menu
  • Easy to read color display with graphics
  • Background color interchangeable
  • Multiple AV operations control your Stereo, TV and DVD
  • Smart chip will detects any problems in your hot tub
  • Animation display graphics

Easy Navigation

  • New button technology solid state
  • Up/Down
  • Left/Right
  • Select

Incomparable System Reliability

Utilizing advanced technology and high-temperature corrosion resistant mission critical materials from the automotive and other industries, the Colossus hot tub control systems all but eliminate leaks due to corrosion or harsh chemicals. Together with a newly designed, energy efficient heating coil that reduces element failures due to rattling, Balboa is providing peace of mind for the end-user.

Greatly Reliable System

  • Hi-tech technology, highly resistant encasement
  • Utilization of technologies tested in automotive and other industries
  • Heating elements and sensors highly resistant against chemical water treatment
  • Low watt densely coiled spira
  • Patented heating element solution eliminates noise during the heating
  • Encasement resistant against chemistry and corrosion
  • Titanic version upon request

Dolphin: Universal Remote Control

  • Dolphin remote control is a waterproof, buoyant device with an ergonomic handle
  • Channels and sound control